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Viva Love Photo is a wedding photography company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We shoot digital, film, and instax photographs. We capture honest moments and tell real stories.

Viva Love, Philadelphia | Wedding Photo Blog

A Philadelphia and New York photography collective that captures real honest moments, and then we present those intimate moments for you to share or to keep to yourself.

Max + Melissa - Manhattan Portraits

Ian Shiver

I met Max and Melissa in Manhattan for wine and bruschetta at a bar around the corner from a photo studio i was working at, just west of Times Square. They told me a funny story about getting a CSA but having to get really creative when they were given boxes of just lettuce for an entire season, and I told them about swimming in a secret quarry in the pine barrens just outside of Philly.  Sometimes I feel like my meetings are like first dates... they're funny, there is food and drink, and I always end up telling at least one embarrassing story. Their engagement shoot started with espresso in their upper east side apartment, and ended with us walking and uber-ing throughout the whole city, ducking in to garages and parks and tunnels and ice cream shops.... Okay okay I'll stop talking. Just press play on this really great Afterglows track and enjoy the photographs =)