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Viva Love Photo is a wedding photography company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We shoot digital, film, and instax photographs. We capture honest moments and tell real stories.

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A Philadelphia and New York photography collective that captures real honest moments, and then we present those intimate moments for you to share or to keep to yourself.

Crystal + Franz - Keeping The Family Close

Ian Shiver

Crystal and Franz had a very small and intimate family wedding at Fork in Philadelphia. They're actually my neighbors so I was able to walk to their home for getting ready photos. Because of timing, we did most of our photographs after the reception - something I've never done before. I had to edit some cake out of his suit, but other than that it was a pretty wonderful experience.

Family is everything. Lemme say it again - FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. Its just the most important thing. Your friends, your loved ones, the people you know you can yell at and they'll still be there afterwards... they're what matters. I talk to wedding photographers all the time who seem to forget this when shooting - they only care about taking an instagram-worthy perfect orange sunset almost kissing photograph and the best angle for details to get blogged... and kindof just go through the motions with everything else. When you shoot someone's wedding, you can't just be an outsider, you have to become their family for a day. The things that matter to them have to matter to you. People ask me all the time how I anticipate the perfect moment in time to capture it, and its because I'm there. I'm present. When people are kind enough to let me in to their homes and their families and their lives, even for a day, I'm grateful, and I want my photographs to reflect that.

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