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Viva Love Photo is a wedding photography company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We shoot digital, film, and instax photographs. We capture honest moments and tell real stories.

Viva Love, Philadelphia | Wedding Photo Blog

A Philadelphia and New York photography collective that captures real honest moments, and then we present those intimate moments for you to share or to keep to yourself.

Jamie+Zac - I Believe In Baltimore - Museum Of Industry

Ian Shiver

Known by its slogan Charm City, Baltimore has seen strange times. Some of you probably know of it from watching The Wire, and having grown up near there, I can honestly say that portrayal wasnt far off at the time. But something happened in Baltimore. Out of the heart of a torn-apart city emerged a thriving art community, and little by little (if you were paying attention) it became clear that the people of Baltimore don't give up very easily. In the early 00s the city adopted the slogan "Believe", and that single word has always stuck with me. Jamie+Zac don't need a slogan or a campaign, they're damn perfect for each other. They're exuberant, and so full of life. And that's the heart of Charm City. I believe in Baltimore.